MitoAnnotator is a pipeline for annotating fish mitogenomic sequence fully automatically and accurately just in 30 seconds.

To use MitoAnnotator, just upload a fasta file of your complete or partial fish mitogenomic sequence(s) via the box below.

A vertebrate mitogenome typically contains 13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNA genes, 2 rRNA genes, and 1 control region or "d-loop". MitoAnnotator automatically finds these 38 elements and outputs their coordinates and strands. You do not need to care where is the start position of the sequence, if you designate it as circular. For standardized annotation, MitoAnnotator automatically finds tRNAPhe gene and adjust the coordinates so that its first portion contains the tRNAPhe gene. If you do not need this function, tell the system your sequence is not circular so that MitoAnnotator skips the coordinate adjustment part.

If you use MitoAnnotator, please cite our References.

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