Species / Taxonomy - Help

These functions let users to reach mitogenomic data of each species/Taxonomy.

Simple Search

Simple Search provides you a simple way of reaching mitogenomic data of each species.
Enter a scientific name of fish or DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank accession number into the search box.

Examples of search terms:

  • Anguilliformes (for Order name)
  • Anguillidae (for Family name)
  • Anguilla (for Genus name)
  • Anguilla japonica (for Species name)
  • AB038556 (for DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank accession number)

Then, click on the Search button, and you will find a list showing data availability.
This list then leads you to the data and other related information sources for each species.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search provides more detailed Search and Report Options. For the Search Options, provided are the following search options other than fish names and DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank accession number: RefSeq accession number, Voucher specimen number, PubMed ID, and Reference. For Report Options, ascending and descending sorting options are provided for each taxonomic category for listing.

High-Level Classification
This menu leads you to mitogenomic data through the taxonomy. It first shows a list of all fish orders. Clicking on an order name, you will find a list of species within the order, whose complete mitochondrial genome data are available.

All Species
This directly provides you a list of all fishes whose complete mitochondrial genome data are available.

MitoFish Information:

Complete mtDNA Data:
Complete + Partial Data: